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Therapy is telling the truth to yourself
in the presence of a trusted and caring witness. (MSH)

Taking that first step can be difficult, but admitting you need help and support from an outside source allows you to start looking for the professional you think can offer you that help and support.

Therapy provides an empathic ear and a collaborative, compassionate environment that will help you address issues that are stumbling blocks and guide you toward a more gratifying and fulfilling life.  Working together with a psychologist, you can develop a better understanding of both your mental and emotional well being.

Dealing with depression, phobia, or anxiety can be a significant barrier in both your personal and professional life.  Too often, people become stuck in self-defeating patterns and behaviors. Through therapy you can prepare yourself with tools to improve your life and develop enhanced self-knowledge and confidence. Good psychological health enables you to make sound decisions, manage stress effectively, communicate well, and treat others and yourself with care and respect.

Working with a therapist can help you make career and personal decisions, manage your time and relationships more meaningfully, communicate openly and honestly, and increase your overall sense of satisfaction.

I believe that insight-oriented psychotherapy is a tool for developing the self-awareness that allows an individual to change. My clinical experience and expertise and my professional approach can help you work toward change in a non-judgmental setting.

As a psychologist, I am trained to understand human behavior, particularly those aspects that greatly influence a person's daily life, but may not be recognized as having a strong impact. I also utilize a vast array of practical techniques to further my clients' processes of change. Issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship conflicts, career direction, loss, and medical problems are some of the topic areas that I have addressed in my therapy practice.